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Rob Cairns

An unexpected conversation with a guy who lives in the centre of the universe and knows a few things about podcasting.
A conversation with Rob Cairns.

What’s Rob Up To? Find Out At The WP World.

Here Rob talks about his early life moving – as his Father’s career did – from Montreal to Toronto. That was not such an easy transition as you might imagine.

And we went on to talk more about his family background (a purpose of this podcast), his career in insurance (I had one too but it was very different), finding his partner on Facebook, parenthood, his love or sports (especially the Toronto Blue Jays) his wide scope of reading interests and dedication to it.

And he has a podcast too.

Time Stamp

00:00 Welcome and Personal Background

00:44 Moving Due to Quebec’s Separatist Movement

02:19 Family Dynamics and Early Life

03:10 Career Beginnings and Transition into Programming

08:58 Discovering the Internet and BBS Systems

11:29 Reflecting on Parents and Personal Relationships

19:03 Exploring Personal Interests and Future Podcast Guests

23:57 Wrapping Up and Future Plans

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