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Sophia DeRosia

An unexpected conversation with someone who was homeschooled and has one of the youngest voices in the WordPress Community.
In conversation with Sophia DeRosia

Meet the life of the young and multifaceted Sophia DeRosia.

In this epidote, Sophia (or Sophie if you want) recounts her earliest memory, which shows her self-awareness at a young age.

The youngest of two daughters she was homeschooled by her Mother, Cate, who was an English teacher at a small school in Michigan.

Sophia discusses her transition into adulthood, detailing her current lifestyle, chronic pain management through exercise, and aspirations to become a bartender.

She gets into her family’s history with depression and overcoming anxiety. Sophia’s story extends to her involvement with the WordPress community through her family and desires to contribute to her father’s project, HeroPress.

Sophia recommends another inspiring young individual, Allison Dye, for a future interview, highlighting the importance of connection and support among young women in the tech community.

Time Stamp

00:00 Welcome and Name Clarifications

00:45 Childhood Nicknames and Family Dynamics

01:41 Earliest Memories and Childhood Insights

03:22 Navigating Socialization and Homeschooling

04:15 Developing Social Skills and Family Bonds

07:34 Exploring Personal Interests and Work Life

07:56 Dealing with Chronic Pain and Fitness Routine

09:18 Bartending Aspirations and Learning Mixology

12:36 Family History with Depression and Medication

14:44 Homeschooling Journey and Educational Background

15:34 Future Aspirations and WordPress Involvement

20:04 Hero Press and Podcasting Plans
22:14 Final Thoughts and Interview Conclusion

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