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Cami MacNamara

An unexpected conversation with a fellow WordPress podcaster who has a voice I can listen to all day.
In conversation with Cami ManNamara

What’s Cami Up To? Find Out At The WP World.

Here I have my unexpected conversation with Cami MacNamara, covering her personal journey from meeting her husband in Lake Tahoe to her professional evolution into web design and WordPress. We delve into Cami’s feelings about high school, her decision not to complete her degree at Chico State in pursuit of what she loves, and her successful career in web development. We also touch on the impact of the WordPress community, the transition to remote work, and the value of enduring friendships.

Leaving So Soon??

Seriously, BUD? Don’t you think I get enough email newsletters already? 

No, you don’t. You need the one newsletter that comes out once a week and features the one person in the WordPress Community with whom I had an unexpected conversation.