An Unexpected Conversation with Someone in The WordPress Community

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Coming 7/26/24


A Weekly Podcast with Bud Kraus

Seriously, BUD? explores the life stories of people in the WordPress Community. It’s an opportunity for them to know each other beyond what they do with and/or for WordPress, the world’s leading Content Management System.

Because it’s not your typical WordPress tech talk, it really is for anyone who loves the unique stories of everyone.

This Week's Episdoe

bob dunn

 An unexpected conversation with a former bartender who was born with a podcaster’s voice and is everyone’s best friend.


Upcoming Episodes

Here is who you’ll be hearing from soon in future episodes of Seriously, BUD?

Leaving So Soon??

Seriously, BUD? Don’t you think I get enough email newsletters already? 

No, you don’t. You need the one newsletter that comes out once a week and features the one person in the WordPress Community with whom I had an unexpected conversation.